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    There I was pondering our existence when it hit me.. TBB has its secret "milkshake", its specially designed outerwear, and its special cycling focus. Upon reflection it further struck me that our gatherings frequently took place during the time normally set aside for religious reflection then it hit. We are our own religion...

Don "funny, you don't look mooish" Bolton

Holy Cow!

Ken Kahn

We'll have to see where Spirit mooooves us, won't we?


I think you are all sniffing a little too much methane here.

Jim "don't inhale" Bombadier


Hitting the ol' bottle again, eh?

Stacey Gray

No bottle! Just udder nonsense.

Don "perhaps you are a moooonie then?" Bolton

And I thought we had leanings (tippings), towards "Mooootherans".

Rich, Captain Team Buttbuster

HalleMOOia Don, praise be the udder cluster! Blessed are the tweeked for they shall inherit the pellaton!

Steve "Pope Camignolo" Heim

Thou that herds in the shadow of the supreme beef shall be rewarded.

Don "Just moo it" Bolton

The bike is my transport; I shall not walk.
It alloweth me to roll through green pastures:
It carryeth me beside still waters.
It restoreth my soul: It leadeth me in the paths of
cycling for cycling's sake.
Yea, though I ride through the valley in the
shadow of hills, I will fear no climbing: For the
granny art with me; thy cut-out seat and thy padded
shorts, they comfort me. Thou preparest a rest stop
before me in the presence of my fellow cyclists:
Thou anointest my leg with grease; My Camelbak
runneth over. Surely downhills and tailwinds shall
follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell
on the road with the bike forever.


This is amazing! Carl is going to post it on the wall in his cube. I wish I could write like this! And perfect for the moo-religion......

Wendi Thornton

Lisa: this is A+ material...It should be published somewhere.

A sermon from the Hyperglide Church Of The Churning Crankset

Don "I'm in, where's the collection plate?" Bolton

Thanks, Don. Any ideas?

Amy suggested making a poster out of it.

Lisa "Will accept payment in Luna Bars" R.

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I'm thinking.

Don "poster, greeting cards, lotsa options" Bolton

Mazel Tov!!!!

Stacey Gray

Brothers and sisters in tights,
alloweth me to minister.
Read the holy scripture attached.

The Road Bike Lord’s Prayer

Our father who art on a Seven,
Hollow be thy frame.
Thy tandem come.
I will have fun in the pace line
as I do riding solo, for cycling is heaven.
Give us this day our daily spin
And forgive us our drafts
As we forgive those who pass to the right of us.
Lead us not onto busy highways
And deliver us from chip seal.
For the bike is our freedom.
We pedal for the glory.
Forever and ever.

Steve Heim

amen brother, and pass the bike grease.

Ken Kahn

Now that we have TWO prayers, should we have a holiday of our very own???

Wendi Thornton

Dearest Stevie Heimer,

May God bless your little heart, and mind with even more creativity than you possess at this writing. It was just too special, I will be forced to send that one to every one I know who loves bikes.

Ba "HEAVEN HELP ME" bikergirl.forever.

OK, maybe a tee-shirt with one psalm on front and one on the back.

Headline: My body (crossed out) bike is my temple. A few more and we have ourselves a book!

Amy Ream

Every religion has to have hymns, right?

New verse for Cyclist's Favorite Things, to commemorate Arlyn's first ride:

Riding with children is great fun to do
Even your old routes, to kids they are new
Every ride now a family outing,
These are a few of our favorite things.

Pulling a trailer securely behind,
Whenever we stop many new friends we'll find
We're sharing with others our love for cycling!
These are a few of our favorite things.

When the bonk hits, when the rains fall, when tires go flat
We simply remember our favorite things and then we don't feel so bad!

Team Tangerine Dream
Mike Buondonno, Captain
Amy Buondonno, Stoker
Arlyn Buondonno, Trailer Ballast
1998 Custom Co-Motion Double Espresso

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