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    I've done longer & tougher (Around Mt Hood in one day - 132 miles & over 6500 ft gain), but today was special.

I rode 66 on my 66th.

I had to ride around the Chemeketa Community College area for 3.5 miles, adding to the metric Peach of a Century, but did-it-I-did-do.

I rode my age on my 66th birthday.

This is something I have been doing since my 60th – when it has been convenient.

Who knows when I will stop trying to ride my age? 70? 75? 80? … Maybe I need to act my age to figger that one out.

The Ol' Fart Rides again!!



[after CO 13 - ]

Bob tried to convince me that since he rode a distance (Bend to Antelope) more than twice his age (48) the day before his birthday (Sept. 15, 2000) it should count. I said, "No."

Then he said he rode as fast as his age going downhill from Mt. Bachelor three days before his birthday. I said that it didn't count.

Then he said he rode against headwinds going as fast as his age on his birthday (Antelope to Dufur). If he plans to repeat this next year I would start planning for an alternate form of transportation at Cycle Oregon 14 on Sept. 15.

Rox Heath

In the spirit of the age (or age * 2) ride, is anyone interested in a 41-mile or 82-mile ride the weekend of Oct. 14/15? Please note: I will not be doing Andrew's speed = age option unless we are going DOWNHILL.


Well here is the plan for the Cranky Turkey Birthday Ride (Stacey).. unless somebody has a better idea.

Figure to meet 5004 S.E. 58th Ave at approx 12:00 noon and leave no later than 12:30. Ride.

Then EAT!!!

If this meets your approval, will look forward to seeing you...if not your suggestions are welcome.

The more the merrier!

Dave Van Gundy, Slug SR

Riding rain or shine, unless everyone decides otherwise.

See you all soon.

Thanks to everyone who rode and ate with us yesterday. We had 13 riders (12 on the longer version and me on the shorter version) and 10 stayed to have potluck. It was fun to see everyone. Sorry the others couldn't stay - other plans. And that's ok. It was good to see you. Good weather - good company - good food - Had a great day. I'm looking forward to hosting another day like today, once our remodeling is actually done. Sometime in the spring or early summer.


Edna (and Dave too)

Andrew's Birthday ride -- 13th January, 2001

Don Gross asks: BTW, how about a de-briefing on the Andrew BD ride? What did I miss?

You missed a great ride, Don. Thanks to the combined assistance of Linda, Scott, Lisa and Beth-Ann, I managed to become a year older, and with no ill effects visible so far. (Some cumulative damage may show up in another 75 years, however; long term studies are still underway.) The weather was damp, but neither too cold nor really wet.

To celebrate the special occasion, Old Orange came out for the ride. Linda has quite correctly informed me that he isn't Orange at all, but rather "Copper", but Flamboyant Orange was what I ordered, so I think that the name will have to stick. I'm not sure when he was last out on such a long ride - not in his fixed gear days, at least. I was also a bit surprised when I weighed him last night, pannier and all, and he came in at 33lbs. But, we made it together! No sissy 45 km for us!

We braved a few hills on NW 185th Avenue, crossed Cornelius Pass, and then took Phillips road to Helvetia, up the hill by the church to the bottom of Logie Trail. We missed out on the Jackson Quarry Hill by virtue of miss-communication, and headed via West Union Road out through North Plains and Mountaindale to Roy and Kansas City. We cowered at the thought of climbing Clapshaw Hill, and turned for home, though Verboort and a busy stretch on Zion Church Road. At this point Scott and Linda left the group, and the rest of us took Scotch Church Road to Jackson School Road, crossed back over Rt 26 and onto West Union again. We returned to my house via the bike path along Rock Creek, where we spotted otter and beaver.

The biggest challenge of the day was clearly finishing off the mountain of food that was waiting for us. In fact, we were defeated, despite gaining the assistance of Dr Amy, who had shied away from the ride because of some back pain. Linda, unfortunately, had to miss the feast, because of a prior commitment, despite bringing a huge plateful of excellent cookies.

I believe that a good time was had by all. Thanks for the cookies, cake, cards and good wishes, and for helping me celebrate.

Who's birthday's next?

Andrew Black

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