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    Addition to the Cycling Family  
    I am very proud to announce the addition in the Lockridge Cycling family of our new addition: Christened "Hershey Bar" by my wife and now proudly sleeping in her new place is my 2001 Trek 2300 in all her glory and splendor. She is relatively young, only having been out in the world for about six miles but she is responding well to a gentle, but uncertain, hand.

Needless to say, one proud papa rider is very excited about being able to take her out and really find out what she can do once she and I have bonded.

Damn, it sure is a difference between my mountain bike (modified) and our new addition. Now, to pay back the "bank," and save enough to go on CO 2001 and maybe, perhaps, be able to ride with you yankees up North.

Anyhow, thanks all of you for your sage advice, interest, concerns, in my long saga about finding the "perfect bike."

She now resides in our household.

Donald Lockridge

Congratulations on your new arrival. Is it sleeping thru the night yet?

Jim Morrow
Team Tangerine Scream

Jim, She had a rough night last night. I had to get up at least three or four times and go and check on her. Thank goodness, her older sister, Flame, was there to help ease her into her new family. These new additions can get quite expensive. I had to go and buy some special clothing so that when she and I go out together she will not think I am using some clothing which was used on Flame. IS this typical for a new addition as I am new at this game of "adding to the family?"

Donald Lockridge

Don, I strongly recommend against breast feeding. Carbon fibre frame babies do not require calcium.

Auntie Steve

New Addition, Part Two

An excerpt from a private collection of Romance Novels, titled "As the Chain Ring Turns"...

Yeah - I remember those days when jealousy was rampant. I couldn't even use the same chain lube. Bummer!

I came home late one evening with a new girl - and there she was – waiting for me in her faded paint. I couldn't look straight at her because of the guilty feelings I had. I placed the new girl in a special place for extra protection and quickly went to take a shower to get my mind off of my first love.

That night I tossed and turned knowing that, this was not going to be easy. What I'm I to do??? She has been apart of my life for so long. I can't just..., just..., throw her away like some piece of junk. She has a purpose in my life (I convince myself).

So, the next morning I affectionately give her a makeover with quartz lighting, new fenders, panniers, a new set of tires. We go for a ride around town to make amends. She and I go shopping together now - just her and me. We love each other - and it always be that way.

My new girl takes me on those long out of town trips - the over-nighters.

- - Yes I am a lucky guy to have such understanding ladies. - -

I still have a fear though - that my wife WILL find out one day.

Until then, I will enjoy my private affair with my two ladies. My first love for quickies to Freddies and my Track Star that craves the endurance of the open road. She and I both love the need for a long climb to the top with the ultimate release of speed.

YES - I'm a lucky man and I promise them both not to ever take them for granted.

Capt. Dink ~

I think some of you have been on the Road, too long and too alone....might be in needa some serious mental help (psy-COW-logical help).

The scary thing about it is... I understand!!

Slug Sr (Slow Lonely Understanding Guy)

I thought If you were a good mooman you could have more then one without feeling guilty.....

Cycle Nu

No feelings of guilt/jealousy coming home late with a chain tattoo from a different "ride", either....


Thanks for all the advice. I had a long talk with both of them late last night (after the Duck game) and as long as I ride both of them they do not have any problems. Flame wants to do more off-road riding and I told her I would take her down and have her outfitted with some really good new tires and she is happy. Hershey Bar has let me know in no uncertain terms that she will never want to ride on "those roads." I am just glad that the number one woman in my life is so understanding. She even suggested that she might want to ride Flame if we adjusted it for her. Hmmmm!

Donald Lockridge

Sounds to me like you'd better not park them in the same room together alone. They may want to pluck each others spokes out.

Steve "There's nothing like a good Cat 4 fight" Heim

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