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As you leave camp you will often see a sag van parked along the road.  Usually each van is responsible for a given number of riders and leapfrogs along with that bunch all day long.  These folks are tremendously cheerful and supportive.  They also carry water so if you are running low and it is a long way to a water stop give them a "thumbs down".

Water stops are a welcome sight.  The porta-potties are also available here.

This is the ODS stop at the top of Mt. Bachelor.  Food, water, porta-potties, and often a bike mechanic are at these stops.

Lunch is also a welcome sight.  Box lunches are handed out by a local group of volunteers.  Relax and enjoy the scenery and conversations. Water, porta-potties, and bike mechanics are available.

Excess clothing may be dropped off for Cycle Oregon to haul into camp.  See the Gear Drop Guy (usually at lunch).

Cycle Oregon tries to mark most of the road hazards. The green metal grate set into the road is a cattleguard.  The "wings" on either side connect to the fence.  Cattleguards are used instead of gates on roadways.

While Cycle Oregon does have several bike mechanics on course, riders are required to carry a spare tube and encouraged to patch simple flats.

On very hot days you can sometimes get a shower at a water stop!

A quick hose down feels great, too!

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