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    Arrival at Camp  

Cycle Oregon is a traveling city.  Every day when the riders arrive at camp they find the city services set up and waiting for the inhabitants.  It is a good idea to remember where you parked your tent!

Near the camp entrance and at Rider Services are message boards.  Check to see if your friends left you a note.

Campsite maps are also posted.

After you arrive in camp each day you claim your baggage.  It is hard to see in this picture, but each trailer has been unloaded in a very long line of piled-up bags.  Simply go to the line behind your trailer (they are numbered) and find your bag.  It is a good idea to mark it distinctively!

Local volunteers (sherpas) will help haul your luggage between the baggage trucks and your campsite.  Tips are encouraged and used to help out locally - generally with youth organizations.

Most campsites have nice wide roads.

Bikes can be stored at your tent site or in the bike corral.  Remember where you parked it!

Gear dropped off on the route at the gear drop can be reclaimed here.  Be sure and mark your rider number on the bag and check it when you pick it up!

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  CyclingSite > CO at a Glance > Arrival at Camp  

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