The Big List

by Rox Heath


This list started out with a list of what to take to Cycle Oregon that was a compilation of several other trip lists on my computer. I also added in other things I thought of that people might want to take and generalized it somewhat and put it on the email list for CO XII.

The next year I went over the list completely and tried to make it very general so it applies to different size groups of people and is also very inclusive. This means that anything I can think of that other people have recommended taking to CO is on this list.

My part of this list is a result of 6 Cycle Oregons, 11 years of Boy Scouting, and 30 years of car camping and motel trips with and without kids. We enjoy "comparative luxury" and obviously don’t pack light. However, making the 65 lb. goal was still no problem. Many of the explanations are out of the book we give out to new Boy Scouts who join our troop.

I combined both the male and female lists of clothes here. Just ignore what doesn’t apply to you!


How to Use This List

This list is meant to jog your memory. Simply print it out, or compare it to your own existing list, and cross out anything that does not apply to you.

Do NOT plan on taking all of this. You would need a fork lift to carry your luggage and your very own transport truck. We each experience Cycle Oregon in a different way and want different clothes and equipment to supplement that experience.

Explanations are given after many items and this website contains even more detailed discussions about most of these items. I have also tried to indicate some cheaper alternatives – especially on clothing


General Notes


In-Camp Clothes

In-Camp Clothes (you may want to augment this if you plan on spending the optional day(s) in camp). The quantities are what we use for CO’s including what we wear on Saturday for the drive to CO. This list is for little or no laundry - If you are planning on laundering these during the week decrease the quantity. These clothes are all loose and comfortable (and often somewhat shabby or "broken-in").


Basic Bike Clothes

We pack these into 2 gallon Ziplocs with one day’s clothes in each bag. This list is for no laundry - If you are planning on laundering these during the week decrease the quantity.

Recumbent Riders – Substitute unlined bike shorts or regular shorts for the bike shorts above. We have had very good luck using the long pants with the zip-off pant legs for these. We take an ankle strap along and start with the pants long each morning and convert them to shorts as it heats up. They are made out of artificial fabrics and the zipped off legs are very lightweight and pack small.

Packed separately in a Ziploc – to substitute in when needed on wet days –

For these jerseys we have also had good luck with shirts designed for other sports – such as soccer. Just be sure the shirt is made of artificial fabrics and contains no cotton. Also, check the back length. Of course there are no pockets in back, but that may not matter to you.


Outer-Layer Bike Clothes

These are used throughout the whole week. Each night we listen to the weather forecast and choose what to wear. Coats and vest should have full-front zippers so you have a wide range of temperature adjustments. Whatever is not being used each day is packed in plastic in your luggage. Each night all items are packed in plastic to keep them dry.

Recumbent Riders – in place of the lightweight bike gloves above include a very light pair of glove liners or those "one size fits all" lightweight stretchy gloves for chilly mornings.



I just pack these in a 1 gallon Ziploc for each person – all bottles are travel size and with a good seal. If you want to dump shampoo, etc. into a smaller bottle REI has small Nalgene bottles.


Medical or Bathroom Supplies

I sort this into 2 or 3 Ziplocs.



Pack in Ziploc(s) and group by use.


Food Supplies


Bike Supplies

What you carry and what you just leave at camp depends on your style. We carry a few tools and spare parts with us to fix what is most likely to happen to our bikes. Since we often ride together this can be combined. Remember that one of a group can be pulled out to sag with little notice (accidents and exhaustion happen). Put group items in an easy-to-find pouch or bag for quick transfers to the remaining riders.

Supplies such as sunblock are bought in several small amounts and the extras are carried in the regular luggage.

For the car (if driving):


Camping Gear

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