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    Cycle Oregon 16  3-D Map  
    By Bob Porter and Bob Heath  

The following 3-D map is a "best guess" approximation based on knowledge of the area and DeLorme Topo USA.  This is not the official version and should be used only as a rough guide!  The official versions of maps and elevations will come out in the Cycle Oregon Tourbook in August.

Please note that the course is not as vertical as it appears. Putting a large mileage in a short space always makes even minor climbs look steep.

Extra Wide Elevation Profile



3-D Map


Map generated using the DeLorme Topo USA application.  © 2002 DeLorme ( Topo USA®

  Page Last Updated: March 23, 2003  
    CyclingSite > CO History > CO 16 > CO 16  3-D Map  

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