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Day 7 - Cycle Oregon 15

Saturday, September 14, 2002


Coburg to Florence

Wheel Dip: 97.0 miles
Short Cut: 86.4 miles


Highway 36

Highway 36


And again they headed west...

The valley was flat!  We weren't used to that - but it sure was fun to zip through the local farmland as we headed out toward the foothills of the Coast Range.

Everything was so lush and green as we climbed gently toward our one (big?) hill of the day.  A short climb and we were over the top!  After our previous days' hills this one was a breeze...

Pedaling onward through the forests we came to Triangle Lake and lunch.   What a view!  A few of the hardier souls checked out the water.   And then off through the hills again to Mapleton, where we joined the scenic Siuslaw River and followed it into Florence.

And then another choice, should we go dip our wheels in the ocean?  Or should we take the shortcut straight to the finish line?  Either way it has been an incredible journey riding across this great state!

We did it!!!

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