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Day 2 - Cycle Oregon 15

Monday, September 9, 2002


Ironside to John Day

75.3 miles


Up... and up... and up!

Awake and on the road early, we headed for FS 16 - a friendly road through beautiful scenery! Pleasantly forested, with a stream for company, the road headed up the first of the three major climbs that day. And at the top - a carnival atmosphere prevailed. There was food, beverages, porta-potties, bike mechanics, and the knowledge that we had bested the day's longest, hardest climb.

Then for the downhill! Off we went, zipping through the forest for miles and miles as the road gradually flattened. The forest was beautiful, the views superb as we headed for the double summit, on the way to lunch (at the fork in the road!)



After inhaling calories we pedaled north on FS 13 and on up our final climb of the day. Trees and meadows alternated as we rode along, enjoying the peace and quiet of the local countryside.

And then the downhill - it was payback time!!! A good road and straight sailing as we flew down to Prairie City - and more calories!

Finally, we headed west and on into the town of John Day, where we set up camp on the school grounds and felt proud of what a great day it had been!


Climbing the Strawberry Mountains

Climbing the Strawberry Mountains

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