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Looking down from Steens Mountain

    Six of us just spent four days re-exploring the 2001 route. It gets better with every look. Maybe because the snow is clearing. Maybe because more and more ranchers are coming out to meet us and show us around. We found a fabulous new road for the afternoon of Day Two, a great option ride for Day Three, a special surprise for Day Four, an incredible lunch spot for Day Five, a whole new morning for Day Six and a fresh twist for the afternoon of Day Seven. All of which reminds us that Cycle Oregon is always a work-in-progress, an adventure that takes its final form only when we all come together to create the magic. Rest assured, nobody will feel short-changed by any of the riding on this tour. And, for those who choose not to join the pilgrimage to the summit of Steens Mountain, we just locked in a Day Four Century that will leave grown men weeping.

Jonathan Nicholas

If you have never seen, hiked the Steens, DO IT!!! We hiked to the top, drug a bottle of bubbly with us and eight of us stood in silence, popped the top, filled the glasses (not plastic), silently raised them, drank and well....... The century that day will not compare to being up there and looking down into the Alvord Desert, possibly seeing the herd of mustangs, and just seeing something that many Oregonians have never even thought existed. It is one of our best kept secrets we have and probably ranks right at the top along with the many people who are on this website. And do not forget to bring a pair of binocs and a good camera. See you at the top!

Donald Lockridge

My wife and I have spent many, many wonderful days out in the specific area we will be riding in on CO. Let me tell you that it is absolutely beautiful! Sure, some of it is high desert, but there are a lot of beautiful forested areas, the small towns have very friendly residents, and of course, you will meet up with all of the Oregonians out there. Let the "naysayers" moan and groan: The rest of us will deal with the wind, the hot weather, and anything else out there! I think that those of us who see the better part of The Ride will be there. And, if you notice a silver Trek 2300 with a grey-haired, bearded guy standing on the side of the road taking photos with a camera that he should have left at home, It'll Be Me! Donald "and s1owr1der 41" is not by accident. ;-)

Donald "who loves to stop and smell the roses, long and often, Lockridge

For those of you who subscribe to National Geographic, there is an article on the southeast corner of Oregon in the August 1997 issue. It is not a long article but it does give you a feel for the place. There are a few pictures and a map also.

Janice Nelson

Having been to the Steens I can testify to the absolute raw beauty one will see. I have some absolutely fantastic photos but I used a Canon T90 with various and sundry lenses, filters, etc., to achieve what I came out with, with a lot of photos discarded. If you can manage taking a decent camera with you, DO! It will be well worth the weight once you get there and observe what there is to see. I only am sorry that there is only one day to really enjoy it. We spent five days in the area and it was still not enough with all the hiking, fishing, boating, and just touring one can do in the immediate area. The wildlife area is also awesome and we will ride right through it. I doubt if it will ever get to be popular as it is off the beaten path.

No, I am not getting paid by the local tourist bureau to hawk the area. It speaks for itself.

Donald Lockridge

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