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    Do I need any cash?  
    We always bring some cash - it's good to have on hand for tipping the high school kids who wheelbarrow your gear to your tent site - a service you may grow to appreciate more as the week wears on. The bike shops that are set up in camp each night all take credit cards if you need parts or want to purchase clothes or gear, but there are enough opportunities to spend cash, on cookies, caffeine, souvenirs etc. that sometimes people wind up looking for a money machine.

Jeanne Gostnell

[For CO 12 - ]

How much cash to bring? Let's use some math here:

Seven days on the road.
Three beers a day.
One expresso a day.
Average cost: $3 each
10-percent tip.
28 x $3 = $84
$84 + 10-percent tip = (rounded off) $95.

Yup, looks like $95 will get you by as the minimum cash required.


We brought about $40 last year for three of us and had a tough time getting change. The people with the wheelbarrows and ATVs make great luggage haulers for tired cyclists in the afternoon and hurried cyclists in the morning. However, you probably don't want to give them a $20 bill for one hauling job - at least I can't afford to! There are also places selling ice cream and other treats along the way, here and there, who would probably appreciate not getting a lot of twenties to pay for single dollar items. On the other side of the question, not all T-shirt sellers take Visa. So I would say bring about $40-50 in ones and fives and also a couple of twenties. You may also want to throw in a couple of twenties squirreled away for emergencies when Visa doesn't work.

Rox Heath

Seven days on the road.
Three beers a day.
One expresso a day.

Please bear in mind that those numbers are the _MINIMUM_ requirements...

Additional expenses include, but are not limited to:

Mid-day Pizza stops if we're lucky enough to pass through a sizeable town
Straight shots at the Long Branch Tavern, or any of it's franchise establishments (Stumble Inn, The Alibi etc.)
T-Shirts (never start the ride with enough clothing, supplement your wardrobe)
Slot machine money if we pass by a reservation
Film - you will run out
Slurpees on the hot days
Hot Cocoa - for passing time until the rain stops
Movie money
Pool money - Loggers/Truckers LOVE to play pool with fat guys in spandex

I always manage to blow a couple hundred each year, but with my budget requirements, you can probably see why.

Ken Cregger

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