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    Why do I need something like Bag Balm?  
    VASELINE!!!! Vaseline is your friend. Apply it to your bottom or other places that may rub against the seat. When I say apply it, I mean apply a LOT of it. Vaseline or Bag Balm (for those of us that grew up around cows) will cut down the amount of friction between you and your bike seat. Try it, YOUR Butt will thank you for it.

Scott Hoover

Add Bag Balm to your list. My experienced cycling friends swear by it. The can says 'For Veterinary Use Only', but if it is ok for a cow's udder, it is ok for my backside. Coat the chamois in your shorts after you've washed and dried them (fold the coated areas together for storage). It keeps both the chamois and you in good shape. Just make sure you put a towel on your car seat if you drive after cycling.

Michael McSwiggen

Be sure to note: Don't accept any imitations. "Udder Balm" or "Udder Cream" is not the real thing. Bag Balm is a brand name. The product comes in a green tin about 2 1/2 inches square. It also has a picture of a cow's udder bag on the can.

Jan and Paula from Minneapolis

The Bag Balm lid can pop off in your gear bag if it gets squeezed so ask your pharmacist for a 2 ounce ointment jar with a screw on lid and transfer some balm into it

Janice Nelson

REI has VERY small Nalgene bottles that work well for the Bag Balm. Make sure the neck size of the bottle is not too small.

Rox Heath




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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > What to Take > What Else? > Bag Balm, Etc.  

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