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    Do I need bike shorts?  
    My wife puts in a lot of miles, rides a good seat and maybe more importantly, buys the best bike shorts she can find. Her current favorite pairs (if you find one you like, buy two or three more before they stop making them) are the Nike ACG Brand gel shorts. They have just enough gel in the right places, but not too much to get bunched up (we wouldn't want to get our undies in a bunch, now would we?).

Jan and Paula in Minneapolis

I didn't buy 7 pair of riding shorts but instead purchased 4 and 3 cycling liners. The liners are only $18-20. One day I'd wear shorts with liners, next day the shorts alone. I tried to wear the combo on short days.

Leslie Howard

<<Why are we not offered a better selection of colors in shorts... I would not wear a black shirt in the summer because of the heat retention. But everyone wears black shorts. I do not get It.>>

If you are really looking for colored bike shorts go to They have a good selection of colored bike shorts and some cool looking jerseys some with matching shorts. Also for those people who ride tandem's they also have some nice tandem jerseys.

Jim Morrow

I don't know about everyone else, but I like black shorts because any lighter colors I've ever worn always get "blackened" anyway, from the seat, even when there's a seat cover on. Same with tights, & I never had much success washing it out. The other thing is, yeah, we do laundry on CO, but it's a cursory business - unless you're hauling 7 pairs of bike shorts, any but a dark color might be looking a little dingy by the end.

Jeanne Gostnell

Every body's different (space intentional), so the specific answers will be different. To me, more (or softer) padding in the shorts is not necessarily better. I prefer denser material that stays put and won't wrinkle up on (or under) you. Unfortunately lots of the "bargain" priced shorts have puffy, lightweight stuff that acts more like a sweat sponge than butt-armor.

I've had the best luck Pearl Izumi's really high-zoot models. No, I can't really afford them (they list at something like $72 a pair)... I watch the sales carefully. I've picked up some at $35 or so. Trek's Criterium shorts are pretty nicely made, too, and they're regularly in the $32-37 range.

The main thing is to make sure that the seams aren't where you're sitting... which is also why wearing underwear with cycling shorts is discouraged (this will probably start its own thread... it usually does).

Scott Saulsbury

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