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    Are bike gloves necessary?  
    You might also consider some good gel riding gloves. They will help prevent your hands from going numb. I prefer the Pearl Izumi Gel gloves. Don't pick black gloves, I've had too may occasions of taking black gloves off and having black hands. For some reason, sweat will pull the black dye out of the gloves, but the dye won't come off your hands.

Jan and Paula in Minneapolis

Road crud is the second-best reason for wearing cycling gloves. It's also the reason that my right glove has a big, grungy racing stripe through it and my left one doesn't.

The best reason is that they let your skin stay attached in the event of unplanned pavement abrasion testing (aka "crashes"). Comfort is a distant third for me... more like an added bonus.

Scott Saulsbury

You definitely need gloves, otherwise a little spill on the bike can result in major palm damage. Bike gloves are nice cause they are cooler in hot weather (vented, no fingers) and are padded, which can help with hand numbness.

Craig Bryant

Depending on what you like bike gloves are a must. I use bike gloves with fingers during the winter. Without fingers during spring and summer. The padding on the gloves is a must for me. My hands get numb in places without padded gloves. Plus, when I fall down without gloves I leave the best part of my hands on the ground.

Scott Hoover

Start with a low cost pair if you are concerned about price. But, those gloves with padding, especially gel padding are best (and most expensive). Such gloves become even more important with a bike that has drop bars, because the rider tends to place more weight on the hands and arms with such bars ( even though most experts will recommend that NO weight be placed on the arms. This is easier said than done - especially for a new long distance rider. ) All the other reasons to have cycling gloves are very good.

Curt Coleman

When choosing your bike gloves try them on and then wrap your fingers around a handlebar about the same size as the one you'll be riding to see if the padding’s ok. The first pair of gloves I bought were gel gloves with too much padding (I have relatively small hands). I settled on PI Pittards gloves after trying several different types. Though any PI glove will likely be a safe bet.

Tom Spille

Gloves... anybody who thinks they're just yuppie-bikey status symbols obviously has not had palms meet pavement at speed. I'd hate to think what my hands would look like if I hadn't been wearing them in the three "real" crashes that I've had.

My fit problem with gloves is usually around the thumbs, for some reason. When the rest of the glove fits well, my thumbs are going numb, even before I get on the bike! I tend to buy 'em a little large and live with it... no ill effects.

Scott Saulsbury

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