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    What about tire liners?  
    I am thinking of the tire strips that are green and go up inside the tire to guard against punctures. I forget what they are called. They would be too much rolling weight added to the tires for normal road riding, but great for this purpose. They could be taken out for the smooth days also. Performance Bikes stocks the full line of this brand.


They are called Tuffy liners. I used them on CO 9. Yes, they may seem heavy, but your mph average is still better when you are rolling past folks fixing flats.

Lonnie Wormley

Ya got a point there Lonnie!!

Tuffy Liners are like a beauty secret, only your hair dress knows for sure. Believe me, I love em!

Nanette "Rather be rolling" Hoheisel

I'll drink to that---I use 'em, too. Never have had a flat on tours!

Penny (lucky to live in Colorado) Overdier

Could you be thinking of "Mr. Tuffies"? Mine are orange, but they're inside the tires and don't seem to be too much added weight.....


The liners I looked at are a lime green color and they make them for mountain bike tires {heavier} and a thinner and lighter road version.


They are called Mister Tuffy, I think. They come in different colors depending on size. My son has them in his commuter bike and rain bike to cut down on flats. They work great.

Geri Bossen

I already had some solid road tires coming into Halfway on CO XII. I ran over a thorn on the road and it went right in and caused a flat. Those liners might just go on my bike this year. I will probably put them on early on this season and test their durability. If I still get puncture flats with them in.........I'll know that the extra rolling weight out weighs what little benefit they provide. My guess is that they will work very well.


I get flats from time to time usually the catastrophic piece of glass or something I couldn't avoid that carves a big smile into my tire. The other type of flats I get are tube failures at points of stress around the stem. I don't get thorn flats. Because every stop I inspect the tires for debris and feel them for pressure.

I've done five CO tours with NO flats. I refuse to use Tuffys. Had them in Denise’s bike and kept getting flats where the liner overlapped and kept gnawing its way thru the tube.

Know where you roll your bike at the stops, check the tires for debris when leaving out from the stops, keep them inflated proper.

Don " another set of experiences with tuffys" Bolton

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I took all of those precautions also, but that large thorn found it's way anyways. Just luck maybe.


If nobody has answered about the green liners for tires, they are "Slime". I use them, or the tuffies. Whichever fits at the time!! Love 'em.

Stace Gray

That is the name "Slime" !! I think that they started with the liquid Slime product for sealing punctures and then adopted the liners.

Thanks Stace.


I ran Mr. Tuffy in my old Peugeot P10 for a couple of years. They more than made up for the fact that there wasn't any rubber left on my tires <grimace>. I even rode back from the Manning Tunnel after discovering that it was showing _through_ a hole in the tire.

I'd say Don's problems with the kevlar cutting through the tube is rather unusual.

On the other hand, I probably could have stopped the flats on my bike if I'd invested in a pair of tires that weren't 15 years old...

Jason Penney "wise pound foolish"

I stopped at Bike n Hike tonight and they mentioned getting the liners to stay connected at the ends so that they don't spread apart and leave the tube to slip in between and chafe a hole. If I get these, I will cut them to size and use just a tad of good ole duct tape to secure them at the ends to prevent slippage.


I've used the same set of Mr. Tuffies for around 15 years, including 3 CO's and many tires. Mine are cut long so that I have about a 2 inch overlap thus no gaps to worry about. I align the overlap so that it's opposite of the tube stem and have never noticed any weight balance issues even at 50+ on some of the downhill stretches. And no sticky tape to contend with. I keep a chunk of extra in my "flat kit" to use as a boot if needed.


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