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    I need a loud noise maker!  
    Does anyone know where I can get a nice LOUD bike horn? Now that part of my commute is in the dark and (sometimes) rain, I'd like a way to get the attention of those drivers who seem oblivious to me (despite halogen headlamp, blinking tail lights, reflective tape, etc.).


Get a police whistle, put it on a lanyard to go around your neck, and then ride with it in your teeth. I've used it in many countries and it always cuts through driver distraction (startles dogs, too!).


Try the "Air Zound".

It is an air horn which you can pump up with your bike pump.

And - - -

I T   I S   V E R Y   L O U D ! ! !

I have seen them at most of the bike shops around Portland.

Curt Coleman

There are also ski-specific whistles (for backcountry use) that are much louder than a standard police whistle. Check out OMC, REI or other backcountry outfitters.

Mark Ramsby

I ride an Easy Racer Recumbent which positions the rider a little lower (eye level) with some of the larger critters. The Zound Horn is a powerful noise maker for the aggressive rascals you may have to deal with. I find that if you wait until the animal (moose, dog, or polar bear) gets pretty close (the closer the better) the intense sound that the horn produces frightens the animal to a point that it is almost comical watching the animal running away. It's definitely an equalizer for us low riders.

Capt. Dink ~

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