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    What about fenders for training in the rain?  
    Plastic - we have used these mostly... They look flimsy, but they are actually very hardy and we have only had one break in the last 6 years (and this includes 2 kids abusing them!) You can almost tie them in a knot and they are pretty quiet on bumpy roads. Also, it you happen to catch your toe on the back of the front fender it bends and you generally don't even know it happened. Sometimes you get some water on your back in spite of the fender, but it does help a lot and I really like them.

Metal - we have one bike with these. They do keep the water off a lot better. Disadvantages - they rattle on the bumps and the little plastic thingies on the ends of the wires that support these fall off and then you have a very sharp end. So far I have been putting electrician's tape on these ends as they will scratch you quite nicely.

Rox Heath

Many people remove fenders for the good weather. CO tends to have one rainy day (but not CO 12 and 13 - Yippeee!) The fenderless have a mud stripe down their backs at the end of the day.

You also see a lot of people with muddy faces from drafting.

Rox Heath

As far as fenders go, I am going to buy plastic. Years ago I was told that if you have a metal fender with a front brace, and the rear brace comes loose, the fender rotates around the front wheel. Since the bracket is not on the axle center, it swings a shortened arc and stops the front wheel completely, causing a serious endo. My thought is that plastic will breakaway, giving me some chance for survival. I have no first hand knowledge about this, but it seems to make sense to me.

Phil Ford







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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > What to Take > Bike Equipment > Fenders  

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