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    What will help me the most with winter riding?  
    My question is what do you think is the most important piece of winter weather gear?? A Burley jacket? A pair of PI pants?? I am looking forward to your input!!

Stacey G.

Well, Stacey, it depends on what you need of course, but the things that I have found that made winter riding more pleasant were as follows.

(0) Full mudguards, also known as fenders. These make a bigger contribution to staying dry in the wet than any piece of clothing. The Bike Gallery can put them on just about any bike, but on your hybrid it should be an easy job.

(1) A high-intensity headlight with a rechargeable battery. This, almost literally, turned night into day. It could, conceivably, save your life.

(2) Shoe covers. My current favorites are thick stretchy neoprene ones from the bike gallery that close with velcro. There are versions with a zip up the back too, but they are too hard to get on.

Only after you have those items would I consider clothes ;-). Thick fleecy tights are the most bike-specific things that I have; on my upper half the same layers of long underwear, fleece and pile that I already had for other outdoor activities work just fine.

Andrew "not a slave to fashion" Black

I agree with Andrew. I think he's hit the head on the nail. I might add full finger gloves.

Steve Heim

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