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    Do you carry a bike lock while training?  
    My opening comment brings up another topic I've been wondering about - do you folks always carry a clamp / cable / security device with you on your rides? I haven't been carrying mine, due to its weight and bulk, and so I never feel comfortable walking away from my bike to shop, enter a restaurant, etc. Hence, I won't be shopping for a mirror until inclement weather returns. Likewise, on my weekend rides (up to 65 miles, so far) I make do with my power bars and water bottle rather than stopping for lunch.

Don "feeble, inquiring mind" Gross

Andrew, Jason, and I rode up Larch Mtn. a couple of years ago and to hike to the viewpoint had to leave the bikes unattended. Luckily Andrew had one of the cables used to secure your laptop from theft and a small lock.

I purchased a Krypton cable "seatpost" security cable. It's approximately the same size (lightweight, thin, and flexible) and a small lock and viola. I've a six ft cable and lock that will fit in a shirt pocket.

A serious pro thief that wants your bike will get it regardless of the hardware you use to secure it. All you really need is something to prevent the opportunist from being able to just grab and go. (unless your rides keep you in the core downtown areas).

On my black beast I carry a hefty Kripton cable lock not due to the value of the bike but for training when I ride that iron porker I *want* weight. Then when I ride one of my upper end bikes I feel like the manacles have been removed.

Don Bolton

Seen in a bike shop somewhere:

Rule number 4: all bicycles weigh 35 lbs!

Why is this?

Well, a 15 lb bicycle needs a 20 lb lock.
A 20 lb bicycle needs a 15 lb lock.
A 30 lb bicycle needs a 5 lb lock.
And a 35 lb bicycle don't need no lock!

Andrew Black

Bike locks go great in burley trailers.

Amy and David Graham

As do concrete blocks and five gallon buckets of used wheel weights. Are you listening, Lugnut?

Don "carry MY handicap around my waist" Gross

You laugh! I ran several weeks before CO IX using rear panniers and 10 lb barbell weights in each. That was my first CO and I had no clue as to what I was getting into. That seemingly stupid act probably is what got this flatlander thru day five of that tour.

Don "we went updidy up up for hours on end" Bolton

Sixty six pounds of children are great training....they even carry energy snacks and music.... if you do not mind Joe Scruggs

Amy and David Graham

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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > Training > Bike Locks on Training Rides  

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