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    Does cross training work?  
    I'm glad the question of cross training has come up. After signing up this year for my first CO I was asked to join a women's racewalking team that is slated for first or second place in the Portland to Coast Walk relay. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to be on a really competitive team so here I am training intensely for two events. Racewalking really works the back of the leg and the butt and cycling of course...the front! So the muscular balance is good. What I wonder is if I can do with slightly fewer cycling miles....and be okay. I had wanted originally to get in 1500 miles but now will be lucky to reach 1000. I'm working for speed in racewalking. In cycling I'm trying to ride hills as much as possible. The combination has really boosted my cardio fitness, but as has been mentioned... there's the ol' seat in the saddle problem.

Julie Kay

The heart, lungs and legs can get more and more fit with cross training...but (or should that be butt) there is nothing that can prepare your bottom for hours each day in the saddle except spending time in the saddle...You need to ride several days in a row...even thirty milers are fine...and at least once find out what an 8 hour day on that little wedge can do to your delicate parts....

Merry Maloney













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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > Training > Cross Training  

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