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    Is there a bike store?  What if my bike breaks?  
    The Bike Gallery sets up a store/repair facility every afternoon at the campsite and they have several vehicles that travel the course all day long fixing bikes. These vehicles have a LOT of parts and so does the store. You are probably okay for most normal stuff. If you use a strange size tire you may want to bring one. Or if there is something you use that breaks a lot that you are not sure about – bring it. I have been having trouble with the Frog clip on my left shoe and I am carrying a spare since I don't expect them to stock these in the repair vehicles (although the store probably has them).

Rox Heath

Yes. The Bike Gallery has a "store" that sets up in each overnight area. You can get hats, jackets, all sorts of cycle wear, batteries (common ones), tires, tubes, aloe lotion etc.

Also the bike techs that relentlessly sweep the course have stuff too.

If you have a wheel go out of true you can leave it at the tech area in camp and they'll true it up for you. They'll do all manner of repair for only parts cost. Labor is free.

That being said, have your bike ready for the ride. Check your brake shoes and if they are pretty worn, get 'em replaced now. On CO X after several days of rather "busy" downhills, they ran out of replacements and had to send a truck out for resupply. I have cartridge style brakes and carry several sets of replacement pads in an old patch kit case. Never needed them, but I can swap them out in a minute or two if I have to.

Don "Old X country motorcycle habits die hard" Bolton










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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > Touring Info > Other Services > Bike Store & Mechanics  

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