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    What kind of medical support does Cycle Oregon have?  
    From CO 12 [other CO's are similar] –

We have nine paramedics on the ride with us. On course three advance life support ambulances, a field supervisor and a paramedic stationed at lunch provide medical support. At the overnight we have a mobile clinic that interacts with local medical services. Our medical coordinator conducts a session during the volunteer training workshop and includes information on signs of dehydration, overhydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat frustration, hypothermia and more.

The best line of defense is train well, know your own limits and when you feel different don't be afraid to ask. While you are on Cycle Oregon you can always give a thumbs down to one of the seven SAG vans, an ambulance or staff vehicle. All have communications and can talk with the individuals that are trained in determining what action should be taken. On this subject if you are riding with someone who seems to be experiencing problems don't hesitate to ask them a few questions and give a thumbs down to a vehicle so that they can be checked out. Often when you are experiencing problems like overhydration, hyperthermia, hypothermia, etc. you are not able to recognize the problem.

Brian Harney
Ride Director, CO 12













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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > Touring Info > Other Services > Medical Support  

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