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    What should I do with the Cycle Oregon Tourbook?
    If you have a map holder on your bike (or even if you don't), it is handy to copy the route maps and elevation charts, cut them to size, and bring them along. They are much lighter weight and easier to bend than your tourbook. And then you won't wreck your book cramming it into the map holder or your pocket and can save it for a souvenir.

Rox Heath

What I do is make copies of the two pages needed from the ride map book (road map and profile) back to back, and carry the two sided copy in one of my jersey pockets - one per day. When I cannot get a two sided copier, I just spray glue them back to back.

The basic idea is the same.

Curt Coleman

Photocopies of the day's ride have been mentioned but my two cents is to put them in a Ziploc bag. Rain and sweat do ugly things to photocopies....


Re: photocopies of map. Best way is to have them sealed in plastic page by page at a local print shop. Works great.

Les Zaitz







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