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    Should I bring a mascot?
    [Editor's note: Some people bring mascots for fun or conversation starters. These range from small critters to a large inflatable doll strapped on the back of a man's bike. Occasionally, someone ties something to the top of their bike helmet. Enjoy!]

What type of mascot should I bring? My dog is too big to put in my duffel...

Stacey "Missing Scruffy already" G.

Last year [CO 12] I brought 3 stuffed snakes about a foot long (Wilbur and Orville Tirebiter and friend), Robbin brought a dragon about 7" high (Roadkill), and Bob had a small cow (Pattie) that said "Moooooo! I'm a cow!"

I am switching to a very shaggy blue bird that squawks and hangs on my Camelbak. We are thinking of naming him Flip (as in Flip the Bird). Bob still has his cow and the battery is still working.

I think the best mascots are something highly visible, durable, mountable on a bike or Camelbak, funny, and lightweight. If it is upright around 6-8" seems to be a reasonable size for visibility although smaller does work. My bird is bigger, but it is a fur puppet so it is lightweight and fits on the back of my Camelbak.

I looked at several Goodwill stores to find my bird.

Happy hunting!!!
Rox Heath








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