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    How is grade percentage calculated?
    Does anybody know how a [incline] grade % is calculated?


Depends on..

Speakers need for attention
If the audience knows the hill
Number of beers

I expect number of feet traversed linear divided by number of ertical feet. But then speaking as a member of Team Bag Balm it just could be a load of bull.

Don "Fact or Bullscript you decide" Bolton

Author's Note:

"ertical" feet are just like vertical feet only 1/8th lighter :-)

Don "one of my better typos that" Bolton

Team Cycle Nu would like to offer its method of calculation of grade %;

1. does it look steep
2. is it a head on wind
3. have the endomorphins kicked in yet
4. and of course, the latest technology, Dual Momentum Sensors, which allow you to actually 'just know ' if this hill is gonna be a toughie....of course Dual Momentum Sensors only work when in motion and......topless......but are highly accurate.

Hope this helps,

Chief Science Officer
Team Cycle Nu

> >EndoMORphins???????????? What are these, Fat endorphins??????????

No, no. Endomorphins are naturally occurring hormones that are created when you go over your handlebars.

How's that for an answer, fellow Power Rangers?

Steve (only 40 more sleeps) Heim

Being the gadget guy that I am, I'm most interested in this device.

When can you arrange a demo?

Don "gadget tester" Bolton

In 5 words, percent grade is

"Rise over Run times 100"


(rise/run)*100 = percent grade

Where both the rise and the run must be in the same units - typically feet. So, for a rise of 120 ft over a distance traveled of 0.9 miles, it would be

(100 * 120) / (0.9*5280) = 2.52 %

Curt Coleman

Glad you asked:

Tan [slope in degrees] = Vertical Rise Distance / Horizontal Distance

Gradient = 1 unit in (Horizontal Distance units/Vertical Rise Distance units) OR 1:H/V

%Grade is 100 x Tan [slope] OR 100*Vertical Rise/Horizontal Distance

Cow-sel Ken

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