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    How does the gear drop work?
    Starting on CO IX, there has been a gear drop at the first rest/water stop. Bags & boxes for shedding those early morning extra layers - very convenient - you don't have to start off freezing - when you don't want to carry the gear all day -- and you don't have to drag along panniers to carry them once it warms up. You put your rider number on the bag, remember which box it went into and it's transported to the end. Although not much use if it gets cold mid-ride -- remember CO X ;-}

Spinning & Grinning,
Dan McKenzie

Often the gear drop is at lunch. Last year (CO 12) it was below freezing when we left camp so people were wearing a lot of clothes. Since the day had a lot of climbing people were quite warm by the time they hit the gear drop. By the time most people hit the top of the big hill and were ready for the descent the road was completely shady and chilly.

It is often a good idea to hang onto something lightweight (such as a windbreaker) for downhills and unusual weather late in the day.

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