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    What are the sherpas?  
    The "sherpas" are usually school kids (sometimes scout troops) that use the money for needs not normally well funded for in the existing budget structures.

They use interesting methods to haul their loads from brute strength to wheelbarrows or lately 4 wheel ATVs (some with trailers). You may wish to keep this in mind when you show up to a site early (like registration day perhaps). I got there waaaaaaaay early for CO X pitched my tent just off what turned out to be the main thoroughfare into camp from the bus drop zone. The road was dry and dusty (dirt) my new tent was immersed in the dust from the constant traffic, took the rainstorm in Paulina to get it all off :-)

Don Bolton

I tipped $1 per bag and sometimes a little bonus when we Alaskans camped in the last frontier far away from the trucks. Usually someone in the group grabs a sherpa and points out as many bags as are recognizable as being part of Team Alaska supplies.

Leslie Howard

Yes, they are always available, BUT they may be busy, especially at "rush hour". You may need to chase one down and "reserve" him/her for the next trip to or from the truck.

Curt Coleman

If you get in very late the sherpas may not be there. At this point you can just ask for help. There are many big strong cyclists around and there are also the people at Rider Services who may have some answers. I found last year that people tended to help each other and there was a great feeling of community amongst the CO riders and staff. With enough helpers a big duffel bag can always be draped over a bike seat and wheeled to a campsite.

You also could take a few of the heavier large items (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and/or smaller duffel of clothes or whatever out and carry separately - just make 2 or 3 trips.

Rox Heath

School athletic teams. The Sherpas are school, church or community volunteers. The tips they receive go to their non-profit group for the purchase of needed items. Perhaps a piano or organ, athletic gear, or a bench for the local park.

Leslie Howard

Last year on CO 13 we had the sherpas haul our bags in the afternoons. However, we got up very early and immediately packed and the sherpas were not around yet. No problem. I held a bike upright and Bob set a duffel on it and we each walked on one side of the bike, balancing bike and duffel, to the gear truck. We then went back for the other bike and duffel. If you do this be very careful to be very quiet and camp next to a main path so you don't wake up your neighbors.

Rox Heath

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