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    What should I watch out for?
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During CO IX, we visited Paisley and Silver Lake, too. On one of those mornings on my way back from breakfast I noticed a flattened scorpion at the edge of the street. This was less than an hour after I'd stuffed my feet into shoes that I'd left in the vestibule without giving a thought as to what might have taken up residence in them. It was a rather sobering discovery, and my shoes stayed INSIDE the tent for the duration of the tour.

Later on the same day we passed a large, partially flattened rattlesnake. More food for thought when venturing off the beaten path... watch where you put your hands and feet!

Where there are 2D critters to be found, the 3D variety are likely to be in the area. So, if you've got an area in your tent that's not fully enclosed and you're stashing stuff in it, remember to keep zippers zipped and handles on top. I'd hate to hear about anybody having to sag the tour just because they reached under a bag and found that the space was occupied by something venomous.

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