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    Is electrical power available in camp?
    The showers didn't have electric outlets the past two years [CO 11 & 12]. Best not to assume you'll have 'em this year. (also note electric shavers and hair dryers). I asked sweetly, and the shower power people said twernt any outlets to be had. Maybe if we camp at a high school, I thought, I'll find an outlet, but by then I'd given up on my hair and had better things to do.

Amy Ream

Editor's note: Several people thought they had seen outlets at the sinks outside the showers on CO 12. It's best not to count on these being available each year. Last year (CO 14) we carefully checked the sink and shower area, hoping to resolve this, and found no sign of any outlets.

My wife carries one of those butane curling irons. I don't know how well they dry hair, but it sure looks better afterwards than "helmet head".

J&P in MN

It seems to me that if we're all CAMPING we don't have to worry about appearances as if we were appearing at work in downtown Seattle. Isn't that part of the fun - to just be casual and relaxed?

Debi Toews

Unless you are lucky, your tent will not be very close to any source of power. The reason is that the tent sites use an area the size of two or three football fields. These areas are not typically near any power. If you wish, you could take the mattress and pump over to the shower trailers and hook up to power at the sinks along side. Again, you will need to be lucky to pitch your tent within what you might consider a reasonable walk, carrying the mattress in inflated/deflated state.

You may wish to consider an alternative, such as a camping pad. Also, I have often seen people with foot-operated pumps for such mattresses.

Curt Coleman

Coleman [the camping gear company, not Curt!] has a battery operated pump for air mattresses. It uses 4 "D" cells and works just fine.

Denton in AZ

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