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    Will wind be a factor?  
    Rain will be the least of worries this CO [CO 13]. Can you say WIIIIINNNNNDDDDDD? So far, I have found no bike gear to protect against it, and this route will be prime breeze country.

Les "Get to the Paisely Cobbler" Z.

Yes, I know WIIIIINNNNNNDDDDDDD. Although I prefer it to be a "tail" WIIIIIINNNNNNDDDD it does not always happen that way. But, guess no one ever said I cannot ride "granny", like real slow!!!! AND, take lots of rest breaks. It will just be an incentive to spend more time in the saddle getting ready.

Linda Schuck













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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > Touring Info > Cycling Concerns > Wind  

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