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    What are some good pointers on bike workstands?  
    As many of you may know I'm a self confessed obsessive compulsive who has a pile of bikes and does a lot of his own maintenance. To this end over the years I've acquired several bike work stands and thought I'd pass along some notes to those of you that may be considering purchasing one.

I have the Park Consumer and the Performance Spin Doctor Pro.

At home I use the Park, on the road I use the "SD". The Park has a superior clamping mechanism and features a heavy-weight frame which aids stability when torquing, but makes it a bear to move around. Its legs fold together but you end up with a long heavy bundle to transport. Its real strong point are its clamping mechanism and the conical mounting that allows the clamp to easily be swiveled.

At 130 bucks it’s a great stand, but...

The SDP on the other hand weighs in at just around 10 pounds and folds up to a bundle less than 3 feet in length. It uses "quick release" levers to lock the legs and extendable top tube section in place. (Care must be taken to ensure these are properly tensioned upon set up or you will watch the stand slowly compress when working).

What I like about the SDP is its versatility and portability. Because it has an extensive range on height adjustment it fits a large range of would-be mechanics or gives one the flexibility to sit while performing some of the tasks.

Its clamping mechanism has a threaded adjuster so it fits precisely on a wide range of tube sizes but it lacks the spring cradling that makes the Park clamp so smooth to use. Also turning the clamp is clunky as Performance used flat disk mounting so the loaded jaw provides resistance. Nonetheless, the clamp is fully functional and uses the same jaw padding as does the Park.

At about 110 bucks it’s not a bad deal.

Both stands have optional tool trays. The Park's attaches around its center tube and is truly professional quality with compartments and slots. The SDP's add-on is a dish on a ring that is awkward to transport but effective in use. I rarely use it, however. (Because this stand is always in transit)

I've had the SDP for about three years now and have been impressed with its longevity. I had concerns about its clamp which you swivel into and out of place for transit and some of its plastic components breaking with use, but so far have had no problems.

Why get a workstand? Makes cleaning, adjusting, lubing, inspecting, and tightening loose bolts easy. For the bottom bracket I let a trained professional do that :-)

Don Bolton

I appreciate the info. I'm cheap, and was making do without a stand, but I got one from my M-In-L for Christmas. It's also a Park "Consumer". It works much better than my 8 ft stepladder and 1X4. (:-)

One thing that surprised me was that the clamp position was fixed. For some reason, I assumed they would all support height adjustment. Keep that in mind if you happen to be vertically challenged. Also, I spin the bike upside down when I'm washing it, and the fixed clamp location puts parts of the bike up pretty high.

I've been wondering whether I should hint about the tool tray, or not. It sounds like it might be a nice addition.

Don Gross

I have an "ultimate" workstand, which is tubular aluminum - lightweight and portable. Since, in my case, working at home is a lot like being on the road (limited space - I set up and break down every time) this is a great unit. I don't think the clamp is quite as handy as the Park, but I'm used to it.

I agree with your assessment: a workstand is a great thing to have!

Mark Ramsby

I'm in agreement with you about a work stand. It has to be the most appreciated bike tool that I own.

Capt. Dink ~

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