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    Will I enjoy doing Cycle Oregon solo?  
    The best thing about riding solo is that's how you really start to meet people. I think one person is more approachable than a group may be; most of the people I have met on CO have been while I was riding alone. You're really never alone for long, so don't let that hold you back.

The drawback is camping solo which can be kind of lonely. I've always had a group to camp with, but I think you can find others to hook up with. I bet beer as a bait would help, especially in this group!

I say go for it.

Candace Reed

Steve Heim, you go for it, don't let no partner stop you! You will have 1,999 partners out there. This ride is full of the friendliest people you'll ever be a part of. I did it last year for the first time and I was solo for the first minute or so. You'll take away with you tons of memories of great new friends and experiences. Vive la ride!

Penny (lucky to live in Colorado) Overdier

Even if you ride solo, I think you will have a great time. I had a partner last year, but since we have different speeds (he's fast, I'm slow), we didn't really ride together all that much. You meet people along the way and chat. Everyone is very friendly.

Wendi Thornton

I rode solo last year, and made a lot of friends. First couple days were a little lonely. This year I'll be going solo again, but will look forward to seeing the great people I met last year!

Stacy Holmes

Solo riding on CO is really a misnomer. Its quite social, probably more so when you do ride by yourself. My first one I did solo didn't know anyone (I thought). I had done a number of organized events that year and had made acquaintance with one couple that by day three had adopted me. The camping by "yourself" was the hard part really. Obviously as part of this forum you won't have to face that issue.

Don "Ride it solo and you won't be alone" Bolton

Steve, with Team Bag Balm there is no such thing as riding solo! There will always be someone around who's riding at your pace, whether you're a speed demon mileage junkie or a smell-the-flowers tourist or somewhere in between. You will never be at a loss for conversation and motivation.

The other Amy [Buondonno]

The team really made me feel welcome, even though I rode solo. I plan on doing it again and with the team (if they'll still have me!).

Ken Kahn

My thoughts on this. I too ride solo a lot. No one I ride with seems to have time for a week of fun so I have done c/o X, XI, & XII alone (or with 2,000+ friends) depends on your perspective. I remember arriving at C/O X alone, and leaving after making many friends. Camping has never been a problem for me, I have never had a problem meeting people on these rides. How can you be alone among so many friends???

JIM (loves to jump cattleguards) LOUIS

Someone once pointed out to me that on a ride like the Spring Century, or Cycle Oregon for that matter, you will never meet the people who ride at the same speed as you -- unless you happen to start together. Obvious really, isn't it: you will never catch up to them, nor will they pass you, because you are riding at the same speed!

The solution is to either ride a bit slower than you like to, and then when a group or a solo rider passes you, speed up to match them ... or to ride a bit faster than you like, and when you catch someone, ease off and introduce yourself. Group rides are social events, after all; meeting people takes a little bit of effort, but is well worth it.

Andrew Black

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    CyclingSite > CO Collected Wisdom > Insights > Going Solo  

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